Kelly’s Way is a 501c-3 Non Profit Charitable Organization that empowers and motivate young people to make positive choices in the areas of health, education and mentoring, along with providing resources to assist in realizing their potential for healthy success.

The Mission of Kelly’s Way is to Energize, Educate and Empower Youth Health & Wellness.

Our team is comprised of volunteers that share our passion of creating Healthy Kids & Teens. We work to Create youth driven events, support groups and other entities that contain a health component targeting youths & young adults.

We educate to establish permanent healthy eating & physical activity choices.

We provide data, resources and expose young people to professionals that will assist with these efforts.

We work to mentor & empower youths to make life changing decisions for healthy lifestyle choices.

Additional topics may include: Mentoring, Dating, Depression, Childhood Obesity, Diabetes, Food Addiction, Bullying, Reproductive Health and effects that Alcohol, Illicit drugs and Tobacco have on health, which are part of keeping a healthy mind, body, spirit and outlook on life.

We Render Services without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, or sex (unless programmatically specific and justifiable).

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