Courtney SnidermanCourtney Sniderman

Courtney obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing with honors from Cleveland State University. Her background includes working at Cleveland Clinic’s Main Campus, experiencing a vast scope of both adult and pediatric patients including medical-surgical, diabetes, cardiology, intensive care, hospice, oncology, neurology, psychiatric, addictions, and eating disorders. Courtney has volunteered at Hospice of the Western Reserve for several years and is also a member of the American Holistic Nurses Association. Courtney is a previous All- State violinist that has played with several orchestras around the country. At one time she built a music teaching business, giving over 40 lessons a week to students ages 4 to 60. She enjoys a raw living food diet and loves the creative process of interacting with children and teens and learning new, fun ways to effectively communicate and grow together.

Terece WatkinsTerece Watkins

As a die-hard sports fan, Terece began doing basketball play-by-play and statistics for the radio station as well as working in football on high school and college levels as an Athletic and Academic Assistant under the direction of Coach Jerry Faust (Former Head Coach of Notre Dame). “I just want to continue doing what I love. Continue being an advocate for youth and women in sports, promoting integrity and producing great entertainment through this new venture in Sports Media. Being a true sports enthusiast as well as understanding the challenges for women in the sports industry, Terece launched Strictly Sportz, a sports marketing, management and media firm who provides consulting and endorsement opportunities for professional and college athletes. In this role, she consults and oversees sports marketing and management projects in national, local and international arenas. Strictly Sportz also has non-profit foundation called “Bring Your ‘A’ Game” whose focus is on youths “Achieving Excellence Through Athletics. Terece earned an MBA in Marketing from the University of Phoenix and a B.A. in Business and Organizational Communication from the University of Akron.

Sarah SebraskySarah Sebrasky

After receiving her Bachelors Degree from Kent State University in food and nutrition, Sarah’s passion of educating people on eating healthy was her motivation to pursue becoming a Registered Dietitian. Sarah currently works at two local assisted living facilities in the dietary department and enjoys educating people of all ages on how to eat healthy because it’s important for living a long healthy life. Sarahs youthful spirit speaks in volumes to our audience and excited kids and teens!

Anita Person-EnglishAnita English

After obtaining a Bachelor Degree in Chemistry and currently pursuing her PhD in Bio analytical Chemistry, In 2005 Anita she wrote her first book, “I Know How My Body Works”, In 2007 she wrote the curriculum for a wellness camp for Wellcares program for overweight and at risk for being overweight children. Along with her personal training skills, her education adds a great component to our programs, participants learn the chemical breakdown of food, nutrition and vitamins and how it makes your body function. Anita Person-English is a Certified Chemist, Zumba Instructor and Personal Trainer. Along with being a great contributor to KellysWay, Anita is a wife and mother of two boys, and a Wellness Consultant for Eco-Remedy, a holistic wellness company located in Cleveland Heights

Dominic MatteoDominic Matteo

After learning that his wife was pregnant with a baby boy, this profound moment of clarity launched Dominic into a period of tremendous change “I never want my son to see me unhealthy” Having rid himself of 110 unwanted pounds, he deeply understands how weight loss and fitness contributes to a healthier outlook on life. Now, Dominic shares this concept with others. Helping people become better versions of themselves is Dominic Matteo’s dream. As a father and husband, Dominic has a passion of helping young people gain self confidence “I want them to feel the power of being able to do things they never dreamed of.”

Dominic’s certifications include: International Rugby Board, Hardstyle kettlebells, Russian kettlebells, StrongFirst Girya, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, PN’s Certification program, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition – and more.

Daisun Lee SantanaDaisun Lee Santana

After traveling the country for more than 10 years, competing at nationwide Break Dance and Hip Hop dance competitions, with the support of the Community and City Council, In 2012 Daisun’s dream of opening his own school of dance became a reality! The Santana School of Dance offers Break Dance, House Dance, Modern Dance, Yoga, Hip Hop Dance, Salsa, Bachata and more! Kellysway is proud to have the expertise of instructors from Santana School of Dance, they add tremendous excitement to our programs!

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